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Monday, April 17, 2006

The Dells 15 mintues away from where I live

April Swaps I Joined

Swaps I've Joined in For April

Indy secret pal

April15th, thew July

Cool Thrift store finds
starts May 1st ends May 15th

I joined Secret pals

Crochet Exchange Swaps -

Subject: Pot Holder Ex. Partners for April
My partner is Rebecca Beesley (Sending out tomorrow)

Subject: Coaster and Dishcloth for April
sent to
Peggy Riemer

Mixed Exchanges

Things owed to
Cristine Lewis

2 DishCloths and 2 Hot pads - Light Colors

2 homemade coasters

2 notepads

4 placemats

4 Surprise Items - Crochet items

(sending out this weekend)

Things owed to -
Nancy McMillen

Aprils Exchange

2 homemade crafts

1 stuffed easter bunny

2 Collector Items Angels
(sending this weekend)

Owed to
Leah Hodges

2 4 oz bottles of body wash
1 bag of Jelly beans
(sending this weekend)

My hook is flying ladys let me know when you recieve these items :)

This Weeks Work in Progress

I figured i'd post about my works in progress for this week..

I decided that i was going to do 5 potholders and 5 dishcloths as my goal for tonight well see if i actualy push them out .. here are the links for the projects i'm working on tonight .

for my Dishcloth

For My Potholder

I'll post pictures of them all when i have them finnished.

Keep checking this site to see my current challenge of the day!

Every day I challenge myself :)

Friday, April 07, 2006

More Exchange Items

Mile a Minute Cal - CrochetVille

Image hosting by Photobucket

I am a member of the CrochetVilles Mile A Minute Crochet Along..

here is the patern i will be doing i plan on doing it in Red and White

I'll post updates as i finish each Row :)





Thursday, April 06, 2006

Crochet Exchange Secret Pals

Image hosting by Photobucket


Thank you so much to my Secret pal in Crochet Exchange for these wonderful things you do amazing work! You spoil me Girl LOL!!!

These are Gifts From Chochet Exchanges I have Recieved

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